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Peanut butter cookies

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1 rainy afternoon

1 cup of peanuts

1 cup of sugar

1 egg



Pasta Frola

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125 gr butter
125 gr sugar
1 egg
lemon zest
vanilla extract
250 gr self raising flour
600 gr quince jam

“Tía Ana” pie

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Named after my late aunt Ana. Not sure whether the recipe was passed on to her or she came up with it herself pretty much like I conjured up the memory when I saw cream and quince jam side by side inside my fridge. That’s all it takes. On any pie crust. Stick the tray in the oven until it bubbles. Let it cool in the fridge or you won’t be able to handle the sweetness 😉 Perfect for the lazy sweet tooth on a rainy day.


Birthday cakes

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First time it ever occurred to me you could recycle cakes! The top layer of the cake became the cake my son took to kindergarten the day after the “official” celebration. You only melt by the oven once – no minor detail when your kid is born in summer – and your first cake looks much more elaborate even if it clearly ain’t! Both tiers are exactly the same except obviously the size. Edible print for the first, and circus toys and pennants for the second. Rocklets for both. I used decorative straws to help secure the second cake on top of the first and then saved two to hold up the pennants on the circus themed cake.




Savory Biscuits

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Any easier and it would be boring when it’s actually a lot of fun to make with little helpers around.

200 gr self-raising flour

200 gr cream

1 level spoonful of salt (tablespoon! Sounds revolting, tastes delicious)


TIP: Barely knead the dough until it’s just smooth or you’ll end up with tough biscuits. This is the only potentially difficult part of the recipe… making a kid stop!

Good luck!


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Because letting honey sit idle on a shelf is a crime (and because there aren’t that many recipes you can follow with kids)

250g oats

125g butter

220g (brown) sugar

3 tablespoons honey


split personality birthday cakes

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(I only made the one on the right. My friend Erica made the one on the left)

4 eggs

200  sugar

50  oil

250 milk

vanilla extract

265 flour

265 cocoa powder

baking powder

decorating dough

45 minutes in the oven

1 or 2 of your toddler’s naps to decorate