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Sachertorte with a twist

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A custom-made version of the Sacher cake. I thought it would be funny to turn the signature name into that of the “customer”. Luckily, it was.

No longer Austrain, but German. No longer apricot marmelade but dulce de leche with liqueur. I got the recipe from a cooking show but I gave it a twist. Here it goes in English:

For the cake:

Sugar  180 g
Icing sugar  40 g
Bitter chocolate

late  140 g
Egg whites  6
Dulce de leche and liqueur (at will!)
Vanilla Essence 1 tsp
Flower 140 g
Butter  140 g
Salt  a pinch
Yolks 6

Sacher coating

Water 125 ccSugar  250 g
Semi bitter chocolate 300 g


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